We solve problems using data.
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What We Do

All-inclusive solutions to your data problems
Data Sourcing

When data is scarce and unavailable, we help procure and collect new data to tackle our challenges

Data Engineering

Good data processing and pipeline development are essential, especially when dealing with large and heterogenous datasets.

Data Analytics

From simple statistics to advanced analytical methods. The most suitable approach to solve your problem.

Machine Learning And AI For Predictive Analytics

We use real human intelligence alongside artificial intelligence to build predictive models that drive decisions.

Data Reporting And Visualization

Because data analysis is only valuable when others can understand it.

Training And Education

Helping people statistics and data science . From high level understanding to practical implementation of advanced analytics.

About is a data consultancy focusing on providing data-driven creative solutions.

We are passionate about all parts of the data cycle from generating data to unlocking Insights that create value.

We believe data enables a deeper understanding of challenges and can optimize decisions.

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How We Work

The How, the Why and the Who to what we do.


Flexibility is a key component to We adapt to your requirements, needs and deadlines. The approach varies from hands-off to our clients to significant engagement with stakeholders, communication of results and promotion of a data-driven culture. Part of our mission is to educate people about good data practices and how data analytics can create value.


We are passionate about exploring data and using it to solve problems. As a company, we want to reduce the underutilization of data and promote a culture where data analysis is an integral part of all information-based systems and processes.

Who we work with?

Anyone who needs help handling, managing, analysing data or building data and AI-based products using innovative approaches:

Individuals in academia and industry with projects requiring data analytics

Institutions, public or private

Companies of all sizes from start-ups to large, multinational corporations.

Our experience ranges from producing statistical analyses and outputs to research papers, to working in large teams developing production-grade machine learning and AI solutions.


Example Projects

Examples of challenges, projects, and results that we have provided.

Data Analytics

Covid-19 vaccine comparison

Predictive Analytics

Deep learning for lung cancer survival


Bayesian Statistics in Clinical Trials

How can we help?

    We respond within 24hrs.
    You can also reach us on Telegram.

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